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Dominique Staples

Graphic Designer & Artist

My Work


Graphic Design

This project was made for a job interview. Since the company wanted The tag line to be, "Bringing balance to life." I wanted the project to reflect that.

Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

RevelNation was a company I worked with. It was a start up company and I help make all the company's brands. This is the logo we landed on for the company.

Blue Drip Painting is a logo for my painting.

When you build a house. It can seems like a hard thing to do. Time goes by and the wait to see it done goes on. But once you get the keys the feeling of, "This is my home" hits every part of you. Building your dream home. One piece at a time.

Crave is a simple logo but well. we all know the craving.

Dr. Sara was a logo I made for Sara's T.V.

drip copy.PNG
Art & Illustration

Comic Book Cover

This is a cover I made for my comic book called N_LL I am working on. I enjoyed how this one came out with the purple background.


Poster Design

This was a page for a magazine for my school Living Arts College. I wanted the page to show how the school looks like a future style school building while keeping to the way the other pages of the magazine was being made by others.

Warren County was a move poster for this project. It was a very moving interview about what happen there and I wanted the poster to capture that feeling when you look at it.

Packaging Design

Product Design

I enjoy painting and here are two of my favorite paintings.

Wire Frame

App design

This is an app I made for helping a fake spa company. Later own an idea for all spa company to use one app so that people can see all spa's in the area they live or visited.

candle in the void.jpg
candle in the void-.jpg
Project 7

Print Design & Production

I am making my own poem book. I love writing making my own comic books, and a movie script. This is the back and front of my poem book, Candle in the Void. We all walk and feel lost sometimes and feel like candles in the dark. Feel we keep walking we will found other candles and away to better light.

facebook Skin Sense.JPG
Get in Touch

Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. If you'd like to work together, please feel free to contact me using the information below.

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Thanks for contacting me!

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